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The look on Fayston’s face sorta says it all, “yup… don’t care.” Sadly do not write nearly as much as I once did, and if you stumbled on this old out-dated thing of a blog I’m truly sorry!

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This blog… well maybe one day I’ll return to writing more (miss in occasionally!) Thank you for swinging by and hope we connect!



Winter Stock Photography Project. Photo-A-Day.

So it begins… a personal project I’ve wanted to tackle for years and one nearly every photographer attempts to do at least ONCE. The basic practice of capturing one quality image a day for 365 days. Sounds so easy, but when this is your livelihood and there are deadlines, bills, meetings, and you get the picture. It becomes a good intention like saying you’ll go to the gym everyday, or eat healthier.

This may be as successful as every OTHER time I’ve attempted this practice, though hoping I’m in the place mentally to stick it out. There is a different motivation at play, a greater project I want to complete or actually begin. Have to at least TRY!

To follow my “Photo-a-Day” quest, please join me over on Facebook:

Abandoned Hornet Nest

Abandoned Hornet Nest ~ December 1, 2013

While I LITERALLY just began the process of building out my Winter Stock Photography Archive over on the Photoshelter Website, those who dig this sort of work can follow my progress by checking back to the website from time to time. I’ll be populating the collection with current and previous work. Since Winter is my favorite season, I’ll have PLENTY of work to organize over the next few months. If you could see the volume of images I have to sort through… a lot of coffee will be consumed this winter!

Now, just for fun, since those who know me KNOW my pup Fayston joins me nearly everywhere I go! A fun photo of her from today’s photo walk:

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Thank you for following my work and sticking by even when I go MIA for LONG periods of time! It happens… *smile*

~ Jennifer

Catching up and Getting STOKED for Winter

A mini post to update the few folks who do follow along (thank you!) The pace of life has been steady and fast these last six months! Now, here we are back on the cusp of another winter. Time flies!

I’ve been blessed this year with finding perfect ying-yang of clients and work. A balance of photography that works to my strengths, with consulting in a field that challenges and inspires. Fellow photographers and freelancers will agree, that is as hard as climbing the mountain in the above header image!

Now, while I find success and achievement in attaining this balance, it’s far from meaning i’ve “made it big” or “rolling in the dough” (why do people ASSUME that if you are a full-time photographer or consultant you must be financially  rich… so bizarre to me!) Still busting about in a beat up Saab wagon, and in desperate need of equipment upgrades, BUT I feel rich to have FINALLY landed “here,” and wishing it for others who are on a similar journey as I!

In a good place, busy, but still accepting small photography assignments (the beater car really needs to be replaced before winter actually arrives!) Will aim to improve on the posts, sharing more details on current projects… have a few upcoming local events to post that range from a small gallery exhibit to a cool evening Rail Jam in Burlington!

On that note… THANK you for following and supporting!

I Don’t Blog Because I’m Busy!

I’m busy doing what I LOVE.

“Do it because you love it. Do it because it sets you on fire. Do it because when you’re doing that thing you love…time stands still. Or goes in super fast-forward. Or both somehow (I call this my ‘Matrix’ moment!) Do it because you were born to do it. Because it’s in your blood. And because you feel like the truest version of yourself when you are.” ~ Hannah Brencher 

These last few months I was adopted by the most AMAZING community, the USASA Northern Vermont Snowboarding and Freesking Series and have been living and breathing their story all Winter long… I facebook’d… tweeted… a lot of Instagramming… but writing… updating blog… yah… not so much!

Though, with the melting snow, and the flowing rivers, words seem to be popping back into my head and I just might find more balance between taking pictures and writing blogs. We’ll see! I’m still hugging every last bit of Winter, so how about I just share with you a WHOLE bunch of images from last week’s United States of America’s Snowboarding Nationals held out at Copper Mountain. I was gifted the opportunity to cover our Northern Vermont riders who earned slots to compete in everything from Rail Jam, Halfpipe, Slalom, and then-some!

I also need to add that they also brought home a lot of medals!!!

20130331_USASA_Nationals331 20130401_USASA_Nationals0827 Acy_Lucy_Xander Alex_Slalom Awards_Day3 Coach_Nate_Day3 Commute Cooper_Gate_Coach Cooper_Slalom Gaper_Day Hans_PowderRun Hans_RailJam Hans_Slalom_Podium Jamiel_Coaching_Boys Keegan_RJ_Gap Keegan_RJ_Podium LJ_RJ_Gap Mountains_Landscape NVT_BX_Menehune Sam_Zander_Gate Silas_HP Silas_Slalom Trask_Fam_Day4_GS Ty_Walker_Slope Will_Betts_HP_Face

Vermont Winter Sports. ROCK!

For the last few weeks I’ve been on-duty MOST of my days with the local rag, The Times Argus which is the main newspaper for Central Vermont with a sister paper out of Rutland. The duties allow for little down-time and that means I simply don’t sit still long enough to do some of that which I SHOULD be doing… like writing… updating the MAIN website… if it weren’t for Vermont Peanut Butter and a bag of apples… this would quickly become a BAD weight loss program!!!

I’m whining a touch… *rolling eyes at self* I actually LOVE it because the work has me in the throws of EVERYTHING that is going on in my community. It also allows me to really get a taste of some of the local winter sporting events and that has included everything from traditional alpine racing, rail jams, AND a FROZEN snowy mountain bike race!!!

Vermont IS the place to live if you love sports, snow, and being outside when the mercury dips REAL LOW. Here’s a taste of what I’ve been shooting…

Yes… my pup got in on the “action” too!!!


Fayston happy to have me home after a long day in the “slope-side” office!


High School Alpine Racing at Stowe Mountain Resort


USASA Northern Vermont Rail Jam Series #2 at Mount Ellen.


USASA Northern Vermont Rail Jam Series #2 at Mount Ellen.


USASA Northern Vermont Rail Jam Series #2 at Mount Ellen.


USASA Northern Vermont Rail Jam Series #2 at Mount Ellen.


Onion River Sports presents the Frozen Onion Winter Racing Series #1 at Hubbard Park, Montpelier, VT.


Onion River Sports presents the Frozen Onion Winter Racing Series #1 at Hubbard Park, Montpelier, VT.


A little glimpse into my day as a newspaper photographer when the assignment is WAY OUT there and GPS doesn’t mind sending you through a working farm and class 4 roads…

I’m off to photograph an evening of fun “beer-can-style” corporate racing up at Bolton Valley Ski Resort… till the NEXT time I sneak away from the camera… here’s hoping those who can are out and enjoying all the treats Winter has to offer! ~ Jennifer

Winter has Arrived in Central Vermont.

It’s a welcome relief to members of the ski and snowboard industry here in Vermont! Winter is BACK and just in time for the Holidays. To make it all better, as I am about to hit the “Publish Button” we are hours away from a size-able Winter Storm hitting MOST of the Northeast!

In the meantime, a few images from this pas weekend…


Mary Prantis* (#50) of Center Harbor, NH won her division at USASA’s Rail Jam last Saturday at Sugarbush Resort.


Ski School is in Session at Sugarbush Resort’s Lincoln Peak in Warren, Vermont.

Smugglers Notch

Sunday December 23rd presented a skier’s dream to most who visited Ski Vermont resorts. Smuggler’s Notch Ski Area was no exception with trails full of fresh powder!


Even Santa skis Mad River Glen! Especially when the season opener is on the Eve of Christmas!


If you seek peace and solitude, Mad River Glen’s historic Single Chair is the ride for you!

Magical Moments. Sun and Snow.


It was BRIGHT. It was SNOWING. It was BEAUTIFUL. For what many felt a historical day, I found to just be another striking day to be alive and living in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Images from a lunchtime run over to Sugarbush Ski Resort where all at once it was sunny, snowing, snow guns blazing, and a nice crew of folks who all wanted to be in this one place on this one and only day.

20121212_Sugarbush-1 20121212_Sugarbush-2 20121212_Sugarbush-3 20121212_Sugarbush-4 20121212_Sugarbush-5 20121212_Sugarbush-6 20121212_Sugarbush-7

Ski Vermont. Burke Mountain is True North.

There are really only TWO things that TRULY inspire me to set the alarm clock for some ridiculous hour in the morning: Catching an airplane or SKIING!! On December first it was the anticipation of kicking-off my own ski season with a visit to Ski Vermont’s Burke Mountain Resort that dragged me out of bed.

My little sister and assistant for the day left our sleepy town of Northfield, Vermont at about 6:50 am (the goal had been earlier…) We rolled out of the garage and into what every skier/rider hopes for when heading up to the mountain = SNOW. It was SNOWING. The roads were snowy. The TREES were snowy. We were like giddy little kids and super excited to get on with our little adventure to the Northeast Kingdom.

Neither of us are much for chit-chat first thing in the morning (especially before the first cup of coffee,) and we were NON STOP!!! From already complaining about the sore muscles we would have the next day to singing along with Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake,’ which we were!! We rocked out to Magic 97.7 the entire drive and let out a high pitch girlie squeal when they announced Burke’s Opening Day the SAME MOMENT we pulled into the parking lot… yah… that did happen!

The drive, even with some slick conditions only took us about an hour and twenty minutes. We traveled up route 12 to Montpelier, picked up route 2 East which brings you over to Interstate 91 to head North, and poo on me as I can not recall the exit but it’s route 5 for Lyndonville and it’s about the easiest drive with plenty of conveniences along the way (i.e. gas stations, ski shops, eateries, shops, etc.) You’ll take a right onto 114 which will bring you into East Burke, then ANOTHER right onto Mountain Road but you will NOT miss the sign!

Opening Day!

We could have actually slept in a bit longer… pulling into the parking lot at 8:15 am and first chair was not till 9 am! This mountain is MUCH closer than it seems and can NOT believe this is a first time trip. In truth, it always FELT further away, and technically it is but for those of us in Northfield-Montpelier-Barre it’s nearly a DIRECT route.

Given our early arrival and that this is very much the Vermonter’s ski area, were maybe the 5th car in the lot! WHOOP! There was NO line while fetching our passes and no stumbling over folks to get our gear sorted. I think we actually scored the 5th chair up the Sherburne Express. The only noise was the hum of active snow machines and a passing snowmobile.


We both settled in, having used up much of the child-like-energy getting my sister sorted in her alpine boots (always a struggle the first ski of the season!) The snow was coming down at a good clip now, a little chilly, but we were both way too excited about our first run to care much over that. Will let the next set of images tell the tale of our first run…


The skiing itself was not for the faint of heart, BUT and a MASSIVE BUT, this IS early season skiing and can’t judge a mountain till Mother Nature delivers the goods. For an opening day it was just PERFECT. The upper mountain rewarded with a few powdery turns along the edges and Burke even had a few non-groomers with ‘thin cover’ opened for the folks like me who are not much for the groomers but were gifted shin-deep fluffy natural snow from the system that passed over Northern Vermont the night before. Lower mountain was bit of an adventure, however when you wait MONTHS to ski your local hill there are no complaints.

At about 11:30 the legs were screaming for a break and with the Kingdom Cafe closed for a wedding, they opened up the cozy Tamarack Grill which has a front seat view of the mountain and screams aprés hang-out! We ponied up to a table, and emptied out the bag of all it’s goodies…


My sister and I are one for packing lunch and treating ourselves on the way home. A typical bag of goodies for us will include a mix of gluten-free treats (I have celiacs and also sensitive to corn and soy products.) The Vermont Gluten-free Whoopie Pies are a MUST HAVE for ANYONE!!! We rounded out the “treats” with some healthy local options! One can NEVER go wrong with Vermont Peanut Butter, Cabot Cheese, and Champlain Orchard’s Empire Apples… YUM!!!


We ate up and got ourselves back out there for a few more runs. It remained a quiet day with a constant and steady steam of folks. Never stopped snowing so sadly was never able to really SEE the magnificent view I hear this mountain offers from it’s highest point, but no matter. We experienced enough on this one day to KNOW there will be another visit once the snowy season really takes grip.

This is just a TASTE and expect to read more on my experiences on this solitary mountain tucked away in the ‘True North’ region of Vermont. To learn more, please visit and read their story, it’s a good one! In addition, when you DO make a visit you MUST stop at the Northeast Kingdom’s Country Store and Cafe (you’ll pass it on your right heading up 114 and not far before your right onto Mountain Road.) Their chili was DELICIOUS and the PERFECT meal to rest in my tummy for the ride home. Ah… and GLUTEN FREE!!! Another win for me!

Follow my 2012-13 travels around Vermont by following #love_winter on twitter.

Love Winter. Love Vermont Sports.

Vermont is coming into a beautiful time of year, and frankly ALL of New England. We had a  mini Indian Summer about a week ago, but NOW it’s been nearly a whole week of frosty mornings. It’s BEAUTIFUL, like a magical kingdom if you venture off into the Green Mountains. Speaking of mountains, the area ski resorts have fired up their snow guns with a few officially opened for the 2012-13 season!

This will be a special winter season for Jennifer Langille Photography! I’ve been chosen by the folks at Ski Vermont to be one of their seasonal photographers and that means my #love_winter photography project is a GREEN LIGHT!!! I hope folks who share my passion for Vermont and winter will enjoy following my journey as I travel around the state documenting the snowy lifestyle. It’s a special time of year and brings out the kid in so many of us!

Love Winter Vermont

In re-cap, since I’m not very on-top of this “blogging,” the “stick season” has been an active few weeks with fall sports and the start of HOCKEY SEASON!!! (All caps because that is how much I LOVE the hockey season!) Here are a few of my favorite moments from the Norwich University’s Fall action:

Norwich University Football

I LOVED it when Cadet’s Senior Dennis Pritchard (#93) effortlessly lifted fellow team-mate Sophomore Al Georgio (#21) after he ran 60+ yards to score what seemed an easy touch-down during Saturday’s game against Hussan.

A little photo-love to Matt Maloney! This WHOLE sequence rocked, but take a look at the UVM player’s face, and he is seriously FLAT OUT trying to catch Matt!!! LOVE IT!

Sophomore scrum-half Emily Oor (Uxbridge, Ontario) just MOMENTS before she touched down a try during their Conference Title game verse URI. Click image for full game report!

Freshman forward Lucie Manhartova #2 (Prague, Czech Republic)… scored her first two college career goals against in-state rival Castleton State! I’m sure JUST the beginning for this gal!

EEK Colin Mulvey (#25) showing the young University of New England hockey team how it’s down! They schooled the Nor’easters 7-0 this day (Little side-note… I’m a UNE alumni!!!)

It’s been a fabulous season in sports photography, but a girl can get pretty tuckered out keeping pace with these college athletes!! Thank GOODNESS I have the Vermont Peanut Butter Company in the books! What began as a personal obsession with their nutty goodness…

Developed into a new partnership I am just GIDDY over!

Keep an eye out in early 2013 as Vermont Peanut Butter tweaks their website and heads into and exciting year… Stay Tuned!!!

Now… just for fun…

I’m NUTTY over EVERYTHING to come this 2012-13 Winter Season!!!

Jennifer Langille Photography is a Central Vermont-based Sports and Events Photographer available for hire. In addition, one can find a select number of Vermont-themed posters and prints